Clean Energy Bridge


Revolutionary Approach

Power to Hydrogen’s Clean Energy Bridge™ is a new paradigm for on-site hydrogen generation and energy storage. One simplified, low-cost system, using earth-abundant materials provides three valuable services.

On-site generation of high pressure (200+ bar) hydrogen

Onsite generation of pure, pressurized oxygen

Backup Power – low cost, long duration energy storage


Low Cost Systems

Despite enhanced performance, Clean Energy Bridge units cost less than equivalent proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysis only systems. Low cost is due to:

  • Use of economic alkaline compatible materials
  • Low platinum group metal (PGM) catalyst with zero extremely rare Iridium
  • High pressure operation eliminates compression to achieve storage pressure

Compatible with Renewables

With rapid response time, Clean Energy Bridge pairs well with intermittent renewable power generation, including wind turbines and photovoltaic solar.

Impressive Heritage

Based on technology developed for US Department of Energy, Clean Energy Bridge offers best-in-class efficiency and energy density. Power to Hydrogen is working with NASA on in-situ resource utilization to provide hydrogen fuel and oxygen for life support on the moon, as well as lunar energy storage.

The Path to $2/kg

In order for hydrogen to reach its potential as a swiss army knife for decarbonization efforts, it must be produced for less than $2/kg to be cost competitive against fossil fuels. The two most important criteria for electrolyzers to meet this cost target are

  • Low CAPEX
  • Ability to integrate directly with variable renewable energy sources

No commercial electrolyzer, including PEM, alkaline, and solid oxide can do both of these. Our hybrid liquid alkaline/AEM electrolyzers are designed with this exact purpose in mind.

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