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Power to Hydrogen Advancing Manufacturing Readiness with Scale For ClimateTech

COLUMBUS, Ohio January 20, 2021 – Pioneering hydrogen and energy storage company, Power to Hydrogen is participating in the downstate cohort 3 of Scale For ClimateTech, a program designed to accelerate growth of innovative clean energy companies with help from industry leaders in New York State.

Funded by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), and administered by NextCorps and SecondMuse, Scale For ClimateTech (S4C) helps participants improve manufacturing plans, with production scaling, and building relationships with vendors and other energy companies primarily in the eastern US. S4C also supports completing third-party certification and testing, and securing strategic partnerships in order to get their products to market faster. Since 2018, S4C has backed over 30 teams whose products help reduce carbon emissions through better energy efficiency and reliability.

Power to Hydrogen was accepted into Cohort 3 in Fall 2020, and just completed their first Accountability Board meeting with a select group of technical and manufacturing experts. The program focus includes improving the manufacturing readiness level (MRL) for Power to Hydrogen’s Clean Energy Bridge, a revolutionary device that efficiently and cost effectively generates hydrogen and stores energy. By reducing risks associated with manufacturing, Power to Hydrogen can navigate time-sensitive, critical decisions throughout the process.

Tad Dritz, CEO of Power to Hydrogen, said about the company’s participation in S4C, “Although it’s early days, participation in Scale For ClimateTech is already proving valuable by connecting us with prototyping and manufacturing expertise and providing fresh perspectives on our supply chain strategy.”

About Power to Hydrogen

Power to Hydrogen (P2H2) is accelerating the transition to a clean energy future by improving access to and affordability of renewably derived green hydrogen and energy storage. With Clean Energy Bridge, an efficient and cost-effective reversible fuel cell system, P2H2 generates hydrogen on-site and produces power when needed most, during peak usage and outages.

About Scale For ClimateTech

Scale For ClimateTech provides immersive training on manufacturing and business planning, along with a team dedicated to making manufacturing easier — from mentors and experts in the field and product and packaging designers, to manufacturers, suppliers, and investors. Companies are coached by their peers, a community of technical experts, customized accountability teams, and a network of partners. There is no cost to participate or stake in equity involved. Scale For ClimateTech is funded by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and administered by two organizations — NextCorps in Rochester, New York, and SecondMuse in NYC. For more information, visit http://forclimatetech.org, or email shelby.thompson@secondmuse.com

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