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P2H2 News: Hydrogen on the Rise

COLUMBUS, Ohio July 15, 2020 – Hydrogen is on the rise. This carbon-free fuel and energy storage medium is the perfect antidote to our fossil fuel addiction, and the world is waking up to the great potential hydrogen has to power our lives without disrupting the climate. Investment in hydrogen is spiking with multiple new funds announced, including Pale Blue Dot, Chris Sacca’s Lowercarbon, and HydrogenOne Capital. With stronger commitments to reducing carbon emissions, Europe is leading the way. However, there is also action elsewhere with hydrogen-centric carbon neutral/negative goals from major companies such as Dominion Energy and Microsoft.

Here at Power to Hydrogen (P2H2), we are working hard to accelerate the transition to a hydrogen based clean energy future by radically improving access to and affordability of green hydrogen. Our efforts from the past quarter are described below.
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Tad Dritz
Development of Clean Energy Bridge (CEB) made significant steps forward including:
  • Robust to Contaminants – Unlike PEM electrolyzers that require di-ionized water, CEB can operate on lower quality water. This allows for simplified, more efficient systems, especially in areas where freshwater is scarce, such as offshore.
  • Commercial System Design – Performed a preliminary design of commercial-scale CEB and determined that 3 MW / 1500 kg(H2)/day system that outputs at 200 bar can be accommodated in a standard 40 foot container.
  • Low Cost – CEB was evaluated using a standard DOE case for renewable energy (40% electrolysis utilization and $0.02/kWh) and was found to reduce the cost of green hydrogen by 35% compared to an equivalent PEM system.
P2H2 is oriented to meet market needs.
  • Renewable Energy – Through dialog with major renewable power equipment suppliers, project developers and utilities, we have confirmed the need for co-located green hydrogen production and long duration energy storage. With these firms, we have laid the groundwork for partnerships focused on demonstrating utility-scale CEBs.
  • On-site Hydrogen – Explored hydrogen as a service (H2aaS) model where P2H2, with partners, places CEB to serve hydrogen users while retaining ownership and the ability to sell additional products and services: oxygen, peak shaving, backup power and grid support. H2aaS provides competitively priced on-site green hydrogen as well as an attractive margin for P2H2.
  • Space – Based on the results of our NASA SBIR, we submitted pre-proposals for two additional NASA programs and were strongly encouraged to submit full proposals. Working with NASA, P2H2 is exploring lunar energy storage and in-situ resource utilization (ISRU) to produce hydrogen and oxygen from lunar water.
  • Military – As the Navy looks to maximize the value of abundant Obama-era solar installation at bases, the unique advantages of CEB could play a role in producing green hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles and potable water for personnel.
Over this past quarter, our business and technology received important validation and we completed a number of activities to position P2H2 for accelerated growth.
  • Selected – P2H2 was selected to participate in 2020 Cleantech Open cohort. This was announced by our friends at BRITE Energy Innovators.
  • Facilities – Renovations are underway for our new 4,000 sq. ft space, and we expect to move in by the end of August.
  • Financing – Continued holding exploratory conversations with a range of investors and are on pace to move forward with a seed round later this summer.

About Power to Hydrogen

Power to Hydrogen (P2H2) is accelerating the transition to a clean energy future by improving access to and affordability of renewably derived green hydrogen and energy storage. With Clean Energy Bridge™, an efficient and cost-effective reversible fuel cell system, P2H2 generates hydrogen on-site and produces power when needed most, during peak usage and outages.

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