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P2H2 News: Hydrogen is a Game Changer

COLUMBUS, Ohio October 6, 2020 –Historic wildfire and hurricane seasons are telltale signs of climate change. We must move swiftly to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transition to a clean energy economy. Green hydrogen from renewable power holds the greatest potential to offset fossil fuels, especially for high utilization vehicles and in challenging environments where batteries don’t fare well. This includes commercial air travel where Airbus is leading the way with multiple hydrogen powered aircraft concepts; Alstom’s hydrogen train that recently entered regular passenger service in Austria; and Glencore’s Raglan Mine in Nunavik (far northern Canada) where hydrogen generated from wind turbines is displacing 4.4-million liters of diesel. In short, hydrogen is the game changer fuel on our road to a clean energy future.

Speaking of game changers, Power to Hydrogen (P2H2) recently kicked off a collaborative project with the Shell GameChanger program. The project is focused on scaling our stack, a critical step in demonstrating Clean Energy Bridge in commercially relevant environments. More on the fruits of our efforts are included below.
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During the past quarter, development of Clean Energy Bridge (CEB) made significant steps forward including:
  • Shell GameChanger – Kicked off our GameChanger project, a phased program that will optimize our cell performance, increase stack size and evaluate system economics compared to industry leading PEM electrolyzers.
  • High Pressure Hydrogen – Advanced patent-pending cell/stack design to operate with large pressure differential. This allows for production of high pressure hydrogen, a key advantage of CEB as this minimizes or eliminates the need for costly and maintenance intensive mechanical compression.
  • Design for Manufacturing – Selected for NYSERDA’s M-Corp program, which will start this month. The program allows us to engage with experts to refine our manufacturing roadmap and design CEB for manufacturing.
P2H2 is oriented to meet needs of key market segments.
  • Public Transport – Stark Area Regional Transportation Authority (SARTA) which operates the third largest fuel cell bus fleet in the western hemisphere wants to use CEB to fuel their fleet and as a hub of a solar powered microgrid; they have provided a letter of intent and we will be working with them to develop a pilot project.
  • Distribution Centers – Due to key advantages including fast fill time and long duration operation, lift trucks are a killer application of hydrogen fuel cells. P2H2 has initiated a project with a student team from the Ohio State University to understand better the opportunity for CEBs at distribution centers. 
  • Asia Pacific Region – P2H2 was selected as a finalist for the Japan Energy Challenge, a competition where selections are based exclusively on sponsors interest in collaborations and hosting pilots.
We continue to build an outstanding organization to commercialize our game changing technology.
  • Financing – We are ramping up fundraising efforts and have entered into due diligence with a leading VC firm active in hydrogen. We are aiming to close the round as soon as practical, so if you’re interested in participating,contact us soon.
  • Advisors – P2H2 is proud to welcome three new advisors: 1) Dr. Shyam Kocha a fuel cell and electrolysis expert, 2) Tom Fletcher who is guiding our product roadmap and project management, and 3) Antony Seppi a generalist that is helping with multiple aspects of our business.
  • Facilities – After some unexpected delays, we’re finally moving into our new office located at 6625 Singletree Drive, Columbus, Ohio. Stop by and visit, if you’re in the neighborhood.
  • Website – Finally, we’re refreshing our site and will relaunch it on October 15 to coincide with Cleantech Open’sInvestor & Partner Connect.

About Power to Hydrogen

Power to Hydrogen (P2H2) is accelerating the transition to a clean energy future by improving access to and affordability of renewably derived green hydrogen and energy storage. With Clean Energy Bridge, an efficient and cost-effective reversible fuel cell system, P2H2 generates hydrogen on-site and produces power when needed most, during peak usage and outages.

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